Kuva opiston alueelta

Briefly in english

Kankaanpää Institute is a private folk community college. The institute’s main office is located in Kankaanpää, but trainings and courses are organized both in Tampere and in Kankaanpää, as well as online.

Kankaanpää Institute’s mission is to respond to the needs of changing work environment by offering vocational trainings that are up to date. We prepare students for further studies and offer our customers modern learning possibilities that are easily adjustable to their needs and schedules.

We offer a wide variety of trainings as well as short-term programs for anyone interested in developing their skills.

Kankaanpää Institute is well-known for the handicraft studies and summer camps. Our facilities are well-equiped and we have possibilities to arrange many kinds of handicraft courses.

We offer both long- and short-term trainings in the following fields

Pedagogy studies

  • Vocational and specialist qualification in education and instruction of children and young people
  • Children’s care taking / instruction
  • School assistant and morning/afternoon care instruction

Other vocational studies

  • Memory nurse -trainings
  • Business management and leadership
  • Quality management
  • Open university studies
  • Substitute cantor -trainings

Hand crafts

  • Vocational qualification in arts and design
  • Handicrafts instruction
  • Summer courses

Studying in Kankaanpään Institute

Kankaanpää Institute campus is surrounded with a stunning lake scenery only a 10-minute-walk from the town center. We provide our students with meals as well as accommodation in comfortable and well-equipped double rooms.

The learning center in Tampere is located only a 5-minute-walk away from the train station.

Please contact our office for more information!