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Kankaanpää Music Institute was founded in 1965 and since 1 January 2021, it has been run by Pohjois-Satakunnan kansanopiston kannatusyhdistys ry. The institute is based primarily at Kankaanpää Institute’s Aspintalo building – a location rich in tradition. Basic education in the arts following the extended music syllabus is provided in seven different municipalities.

Musical education is offered to students of all ages. Early childhood education in music starts with a music school for babies, and lessons continue until school age. Instrument lessons can be started at pre-school age, and committed adult students are also accepted at the Music Institute.

Music Institute studies consist of weekly individual, ensemble, and theory classes, as well as aural skills lessons. Studies are goal-oriented and progress from one level to the next, with individual learning plans drawn up for each academic year. Basic studies last 7–9 years and comprise three (voice and improvised accompaniment) or four (other instruments) skill levels. Specialisation studies last 2–4 years, after which students receive a Music Institute completion certificate. Specialisation studies and the final project are planned in collaboration between the student and teachers, taking into account the student’s strengths and interests.

Tuition is provided in acoustic and electric guitar, viola, violin, cello, accordion, classic and pop & jazz singing, percussion, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, euphonium, piano, organ and harpsichord. Furthermore, the Music Institute also has string orchestras, a wind orchestra, bands, folk ensembles, chamber music groups, a children’s choir and other vocal groups.

The Music Institute accepts applications year round. New students start at the beginning of academic terms (August and January), resources permitting. Students can register for studies online at

Kankaanpää Music Institute organises a variety of concerts and events throughout the year. Students also perform at a range of events organised by municipalities, organisations and private bodies.

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Address: Opistonkatu 5, 38700 Kankaanpää, PO Box, 45 38701 Kankaanpää, Finland

Principal Marja Kallioniemi, +358 (0)44 7729249

Assistant Principal Eeva Kulhua, +358 (0)44 7729200

Office Secretary Pirjo Lepistö +358 (0)44 7729201

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